AU | Finja . An endless journey of exquisite ornaments.

AU | Finja is a company that has been hand held with hope, carefully crafted with care, percolated with passion and infused with ingenuity.

A family run organization, the company has left no stone unturned to ensure that the end user recognizes the brand as something they can trust, consume, embrace and admire. With over hundreds of people working in India and the Middle East striving to achieve a harmony in quality, commitment and creativity, AU | Finja is striving everyday to cater to the dreams and demands of its clients.

With innovation in mind and an intent to enamour the individual who will adorn the ornaments; AU | Finja understands not just its customers but also the craftsmen and creators who devote their heart and soul to assembling an objet d'art that complements a woman.

The Golden Journey. Passionate about their art, perfectionists about their craft, AU | Finja has made their mark in the International and Indian arena in a such short span. Having had a successful reign in the international space, the company is now dedicated to delivering creations that are infused with ethnicity, elegance and exquisiteness to the discerning Indian woman. Lead by a team of people where jewellery making has been art coming down through generations, within no time the company is gearing up to be a name synonymous with bangles, beauty and brilliance.